Automatic start-stop. The full-automatic mileage log solution

Kan I udvikle en automatisk start-stop-funktion i appen, for vi glemmer det? Det spørgsmål fik vi fra flere af vores brugere, og da vi selv kendte til problemet, tog vi hurtigt opfordringen til os. Derfor er automatisk start-stop i dag en tilkøbsmulighed.

In en busy day we often do more than one thing at a time. Maybe you have tried to be ind the middle of a phone call when you get into the car to go to a meeting. While you focus on your call, you balance the coffee cup into the cup holder and buckle the seat belt. Do you reconize this? How likely is it that you remember to press "Start" in you Mileage Book app?

Automatic start-stop is the last manual function

With Mileage Book we have automated the flow from trip registration to final approval and correct storage. Therefore, it was obvious that the start-stop function - that required an action - also was automated. We tried with built-in reminders but it was not effective enough. We didn't want a fixed GPS solution because we wanted to avoid problems with power failure, repairs and trouble when replacing the car. Simplicity and least touble possible. That was what we wanted! 

The end of missed trips

Today we have a automatic start-stop function active in the time periods during the day that the user define as relevant. No more missed trips, that never are registered or need to be manually entered. And the functionality is just as easy as we had in mind.

Good to know about Mileage Book and automatic start-stop

  • A Bluetooth signal* starts the app automatically when you start your car
  • Start-End address and distance is automatically registered
  • When it suits you, you add trip purpose and approve the trip

*Depends on which type of phone you use. Android is activated by a Bluetooth signal in the car, e.g. the car stereo, while iPhone is activated through by a small Mileage Book iBeacon, you place in your car.

All the cool stuff about Mileage Book

Automatic start-stop is just a small part of all the cool stuff about Mileage Book. Click into your pricing page to se pricing, functionality, and not least how easy it is to handle mileage logging with Mileage Book.